The Deep End

I watch your face from the window of the craft that is home to my thoughts. Your words are the banner of the weather over the stone of your heart. They wave of love or of fear, of passion or apathy. They harken me like a lighthouse in a stormy sea. Likewise, they forebode two […]

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Woodchip Words

Now we have so many platforms for expression, especially as adults. We have online forums and communities for saying literally anything you want to say. I have a safe and private place now to go and pour it out to friends when I need to lay down a thought or feeling because it’s become too […]

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It’s coming. I feel the beginning if it creeping up my throat and I’m forcing myself upright. Wide eyed I straighten my neck and look around to see what I can anchor myself onto to ride it out. But it’s already here. And I’m pulling the thick continuous threads of mind and heart out of […]

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“I write them with tears on cheeks, or with fingers through hair. I will write them on the backs of burning eyelids when the tears are spent. I will write them on the insides of my cheek with clenched teeth and swallow the blood down and taste the words that paper can not handle. Paper folds, […]

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Siren and the Sea

Such a strange dream. I don’t want to have dreamed it. Most of my strange dreams are interesting and quirky. In this one he was with someone new. Someone that had his attention in that dangerous way. I wasn’t jealous, this isn’t that kind of story. I was afraid for this person. I was afraid, […]

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I danced with my heart to a song my soul really felt today. By the time the music had stopped I had found piece of myself I’d been missing. Afterwards, I stood in the silence with my hand over my heart and felt it beating in a rhythm that spoke so strongly of gratitude that […]

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